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I was through menopause by age 46. The hot flashes were so frequent they disrupted my quality of life. I urge you to discuss with your doctor but if you are concerned about the side effects of HRT, this is a very low dose spray. As my physician pointed out, even with one spray a day I still have less estrogen than most women my age. What do I notice? Almost no hot flashes. More energy, improved mood, fuller hair (unexpected benefit), less vaginal dryness, better sleep (use with progesterone). If you are suffering with postmenopausal symptoms and are worried about HRT, this may be a good cautious step and all you really need to stop suffering!

[Image: ofaghymba4mf1.gif]

I started on the patch because of menopause (at age 36, no medical reason i.e. surgery). I used the patch for about 6 weeks and had to stop because of a rash at the application site. This was no surprise because band-aids give me rashes too. I had no problem with 0.5 but when moved up to 0.75 I started with the rash.

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